Tots Combo Classes

These classes are an introduction to tap and ballet basics.  The creative movement time will have a different theme each month.  Theme examples include exploring shapes, animals and story books, using interactive movement and sometimes props.  The length of each class may vary a little week to week but will have the same outline so dancers stay familiar, confident and comfortable in their environment.

What to wear: 2yrs – something easy to move in, bare feet

3 to 4 yrs – Any color leotard, tights, shorts or leggings, ballet shoes, black tap shoes that buckle 

Combo 1, 2, and 3

The Combo 1 class consists of 20 minutes each tap, jazz and ballet.  Although still an intro class the dancers will begin to learn more terminology in each discipline and will be introduced to jazz.  Combo 2 is 30 minutes of each genre and will build on the skills learned in Combo 1, working towards more advanced movement. Combo 3 is also 30 minutes of each genre and will build on the skills learned in Combo 2. Students in Combos 2 and 3 are encouraged to also take an elective class, Hip Hop, Acro, or Musical Theatre

What to wear:  Any color leotard, tights, shorts or leggings, ballet shoes, black tap and jazz shoes


The foundation for all other dance styles, this class will focus on proper dance technique. Students will learn ballet terminology as well as the importance of combining precise movement with grace.  The class will follow a similar outline every week starting with barre warm-ups and ending with the traditional reverence which shows respect to their teacher and also one another.

What to wear:  Pink tights, black leotard, split sole ballet shoes


Beginner to advanced instruction for jazz dance includes working on flexibility, isolations, turns, leaps and combinations.  This is a high-energy class for dancers who love to move! Intermediate and Advanced students are highly encouraged to combine this class with ballet or modern.

What to wear:  Black dance shorts, dance pants, tights, any color leotard or athletic top, jazz shoes

Adult Jazz

This is a low impact, but energetic dance class.  A new routine is taught weekly so drop in any time! This class is meant to exercise your body and mind.  Warm up and stretch will begin the class. Then you will learn a short, easy fun routine!  Follow along with the instructor or exercise your brain and memorize the moves. This class will improve your health physically, mentally and socially.  A favorite for sure!

What to wear:  Athletic clothing, bare feet, sneakers or jazz shoes


In this class we will learn to make music with our feet!  Not only will new steps be introduced in each class but students will learn to listen for the different tones coming from their toes and heels.  Accurate rhythms will be practiced as they explore the hard and soft sound elements of tap!

What to wear:  Shorts or loose pants for boys, same as jazz for girls, black split sole or hard sole tap shoes


Sometimes known as interpretative dance, students will learn modern technique and use improvisation as a tool.  They will have a chance to be creative and develop movement that is unique to them. Partnering will also be practiced and explored by use of exchanging weight and counter balance.  

What to wear:  Black dance shorts, tights, dance pants, bare feet


As an acro based class, we will work primarily on back flexibility and strength exercises to build muscle tone.  Students will learn how to use this strength to control their bodies. The opposition of balance taught and will be carried over into their dance classes.  Advanced tricks learned are side aerials and back handsprings.

What to wear:  Tight fitting dance clothes, no loose clothing, bare feet

Musical Theatre

Another favorite for many!  Students will explore dance through acting and maybe even a little singing.  They will bring their character to life practicing facial expressions and learn how to deliver their performance to a large audience.  

What to wear:  Any appropriate dance wear, bare feet, or jazz shoes

Hip Hop

Students will learn up rock and floor rock, intro to pop and lock, freezes and holds.  Old school and new style combos will also be taught, all while focusing on rhythm, beats and attitude. 

What to wear:  Tight or loose clothing, no jeans, clean sneakers

Special Needs Program Kyron’s Extraordinary Abilities

A creative movement based dance class designed for those with varying degrees of special needs. It focuses on individual abilities to help build confidence, develop positive self expression, encourage abstract thinking and socialization through movement and dance. For more info on this particular class please call Crista 412-335-6894.

What to wear: Loose, comfortable clothing, no jeans, clean shoes


Build strength and stamina in this 60 minute slow flow yoga class. “Slow” does not mean less challenging! During this class of mindfully transitioning postures we will release stress and build the mind-body connection. Slow flow really allows your body and your breath to work together in order to lengthen the muscles in your body, strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and focus on your body’s needs. A warm-up is followed by linking standing and seated poses with mindful breathing for a practice which aims to build core strength, balance, and alignment. Each class will end with a guided relaxation. Most classes will encompass several sun salutations, a few standing poses for balance and strength, and then we’ll move to the floor for some seated twisting, maybe a little bit of ab work (just a little!), and deeper stretching probably on our backs – then we’ll relax.  The class aims to give students the opportunity to re-center themselves in the middle of the week. This is an all levels class, appropriate for men and women, beginners and those new to yoga.  
My goal for this class is to help each person relax their mind and rejuvenate their body, and re-connect the mind-body connection if it’s been lost in the craziness of the day.  I hope this hour will start each person off into a fresh, calm rest of the week!