The Dance CLiK Schedule 2021/2022 Classes start Tuesday Sept. 7th. First Monday class Sept. 13th.

Monday Studio 1
Combo 1 (5-6yrs) Tap, Ballet, Jazz 4:30-5:30
Combo 2 (7-9yrs) Ballet, Tap, Jazz 5-6:30
Adult Jazz – 7-8 Drop in or Monthly
Monday Studio 2
Tumble Tots (3-5yrs) 5:30-6
Adult Tap 6:30-7 Drop in or Monthly

Tuesday Studio 1
Adv. Ballet 4:30-5:15
Adv. Jazz 5:15-6
Lyrical/Modern (9+yrs) 6-6:45
Int. Ballet (9-13yrs) 6:45-7:30
Private 7:30-8 (filled)

Tuesday Studio 2
Tots Combo (3-4yrs) Tap, Ballet, Creative 4:45-5:30
Little B-Boys (5-10yrs) 5:30-6
Boys Tap (8-10yrs) 6-6:30
Adv. Tap 6:45-7:15
Tuesday Studio 3
Private 5:30-6 (filled)
Private 6-6:30 (filled)
Special Needs KEA (5-12yrs) 6:30-7:15
Wednesday Studio 1
Yoga 6:15-7:15 Drop in or Monthly
Wednesday Studio 2

Thursday Studio 1
Private 4:30-5 (filled)
Private 5-5:30 (filled)
Int. (9-13yrs) Tap 5:30-6
Int. (9-13yrs) Jazz 6-6:45
Strength/Stretch Int./Adv. Acro (7+yrs) 6:45-7:30
Musical Theatre (7+yrs) 7:30-8
Hip Hop (9yrs+) 8-8:30 
Thursday Studio 2 
Private 5-5:30 (filled)
Toddle and Dance (walking-2yrs, w/parent) 5:30-6
Special Needs KEA (13+yrs) 6-6:45
Strength/Stretch Beg/Int. Acro (6+yrs) 6:45-7:30 

For now, this is a non competitive, age placement studio. The students are compared only to themselves, learning to work hard and be better than they were the day before. In some cases, students may be placed in a higher or lower class, depending on their dance skill. If there is enough interest in competing it will be considered.